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Structure Announces New iPhone / iPad App

Structure releases new mobile dictation app in Healthcare suite
January 2nd, 2012 -- Today, Structure released its new iPhone / iPad app that allows users to create dictations on-the-go. Structured Dictation is the latest addition to the Structured Healthcare Server suite of products. Structured Healthcare Server helps healthcare companies manage their EHR workflow, processes, and content more easily and effectively. The new mobile app allows providers to record dictations and then securely upload the recordings directly into the transcriptionists’ workflow in a matter of seconds.
Structured Dictation Logo

Dictation Features

Structured Dictation provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for recording and playback on iPad and iPhones. The app provides a full history to monitor previous dictations and the ability to describe and categorize the dictations by type, priority and more. Structured Dictation integrates directly with the Structured Healthcare Server to securely encrypt and upload all outgoing dictations ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Learn More

The app is immediately available on the Apple App Store, and requires the Structured Healthcare Server and its associated licenses. Contact us to learn more about Structured Dictation and the Structured Healthcare Server solution to see if it fits your needs.

For more information on Structured Dictation and instructions on downloading the app, please visit the Structured Dictation page..